La société industrielle Oléicole de Fès



Societe Industrielle Oleicole de Fes (SIOF) is one of the leading companies of the Moroccan food sector.

For over 50 years, SIOF offers its national and international consumers a large spectrum of products of the olive industry.

A constant search for improvement, SIOF is investing in research and development and is committed to comply with international quality standards. Pressing olives, the pomace oil extraction, refining of edible oils, edible oil packaging, olive oil and sunflower oil and canning olives and capers are the heart of business activity. Through its highly appreciated Moroccan brands, SIOF contributes to the well being of millions of consumers. 

Registered in an ongoing process of improvement and progress, SIOF obtained the HACCP certification for its high standards for food safety.

Corporate Responsibility and Citizenship, SIOF was part of a sustainable development approach and made 3 P (People, Planet, Profit) a strategic development axis. Respect and protection of the environment, innovation policy and improving its production system, listening and monitoring its customers, the SIOF strives to be a major player in the oil sector and olives in accordance with the times.

Over the years, thanks to a modern management and an innovating governance, SIOF has managed to impose its brand. By combining its expertise and investment both in infrastructure and human capital, SIOF occupies today a prominent place in the oilseed industry and market.