La société industrielle Oléicole de Fès



Created in 1961, SIOF has long proved its industrial dynamism. The company SIOF has a modern agro industrial complex including:

Edible Oil Refining

For over 50 years the SIOF offers a diversified range of oils that meet consumer demand. We offer food oils to serve a growing Moroccan market and international renowned partners.

An olive crushing unit

We use advanced equipment to meet our quality objectives:

   àMechanized harvesting to obtain healthy olives in sufficient quantity.

   à Trituration continues with a daily capacity of 150 tons

   à The mastery of these factors allows us to produce high quality olive oil whose positive sensory attributes are very pronounced.

A unit of canned olive

Thanks to our olive plantation. We offer quality table olive specific to the request of the consumer.

A packaging manufacturing plant and wrapping of our products.

                 In order to always offer a premium product, which retains all its freshness, SIOF keeps a tight packaging supervision. Very strict control intervenes in all stages of conservation and packaging of various SIOF products. A wide variety of packaging is available to meet the needs of a diverse clientele 


Pomace oil extraction

With a daily processing capacity of 1,200 tons of fresh pomace and the production of 5,000 tons of raw pomace oil per campaign, we are currently the leaders in Moroccan pomace oils extraction.

Relying on latest technology equipment in this area, with drying and fully automated extraction and a continuous distillation under vacuum, our crude oils meet the most demanding standards in this area.

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