La société industrielle Oléicole de Fès



Thanks to a diversified distribution market, SIOF covers all Morocco through more than 10,000 wholesalers and 40 000 outlets. SIOF is thus present in the Kingdom main cities through its agencies including Casablanca, Tangier, Marrakech, Oujda, Fez and Kenitra.

With a fleet of over 70 vehicles, SIOF is in daily contact with its consumers through all channels:

Bulk and professional:

After the already mentioned quality process that allows SIOF to produce a quality oil meeting the requirements of business customers, the company has acquired the latest generation tank that guarantees delivery of oil to international standards while ensuring compliance with the customers’ terms and conditions.

Modern trade (GMS):

SIOF began partnerships with major players in the retail throughout Morocco. SIOF products are thus on the shelves dedicated to oils and cans for olives, with regular prices animations and offering its customers the most competitive products.

Circuit traditionnel:

Les produits de la SIOF sont aussi, et surtout, commercialisés dans le circuit traditionnel. Des dizaines de milliers de grossistes ont fait confiance aux produits SIOF depuis plusieurs décennies et ont pu bâtir leur commerce sur les produits SIOF et en ont fait leur cheval de bataille. La SIOF a également mis à la disposition des épiciers une force de vente détail qui rode les différents quartiers et alimente régulièrement les points de vente afin garantir une proximité avec ses consommateurs et une disponibilité permanente de tous les produits.

SIOF products are also, and especially, marketed in the traditional system. Tens of thousands of wholesalers trusted SIOF products for many decades and have been able to build their business on SIOF products and made their “Cheval de bataille”. SIOF also made available to retail grocers a sales force that run in the different neighborhoods and regularly feeds the outlets to ensure proximity with its customers and continuous availability of all products.


In addition to covering the territory of Morocco, SIOF is also active internationally in over 15 countries through foreign partners that distribute our products in their territory.